Scope of Service:
The Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for CALIBRATION LAB EQUIPMENT, DISPLAY’S CONTROLLER & GAUGING SYSTEM, SHAFT MEASURING SYSTEMS, ROBOTIC – INSPECTION SYSTEM, CUSTOMIZED GAUGING SOLUTIONS / MULTI GAUGING SYSTEMS is designed to ensure the uninterrupted and accurate performance of all the specified calibration equipment owned by the client. This contract covers preventive maintenance, calibration, and repair services for the equipment listed in the annexure attached herewith


Duration of Contract:

The contract shall be valid for a period of [Specify Contract Duration, e.g., 12 months], and it may be renewed upon mutual agreement.
Services Included:
a. Preventive Maintenance: Regular inspection and cleaning of equipment to ensure optimal functionality.
b. Calibration: Calibration of equipment as per industry standards and traceable to national or international standards.
c. Repair Services: Prompt diagnosis and repair of any malfunctioning equipment covered under the contract.
e. Software/Firmware Updates: Updating equipment software or firmware as necessary to maintain accuracy and reliability.
f. Replacement of Consumables: Replacement of consumable parts such as sensors, batteries, etc. (if required).


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