Gauge Block & Step Gauge

Thungsten Carbide Slip Gauges

Gauge Block and Step Gauge manufacturer in Pune

Technical Specification/ Features :

  • Slip Gauges are manufactured from specially selected grade of carbide
    with hardness of 1500 vickers.
  • sets in grade ‘K’,’O’,’I’, and ‘II’ as per ISO3650/IS2984,DIN,861 & BS 4311.
  •  Sets available in metric and inch.
  • Dimensional Stability.
  • Ability to Wring
  • Resistance to Wear
  •  Resistance to Corrossion
  • Economy

Caliper Checker

Technical Specification/ Features :

  • It has Ultimate accuracy and is used as the standardised artifact.
  •  Accuracy : 10mm pitch <1μm and overall accuracy <2.5μm / meter.
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