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Laboratory Measuring Equipment

Calibration Measuring Machines
  • Range of Universal Length measuring machines
  • Measuring scale and tape calibration system
  • Floating carriage diameter measuring machine
  • Gauge block comparators
  • Dial Calibration Testers
Shaft Measuring Machines
  • Shaft Measuring Machines
  • Crankshaft & Camshaft Measuring machine .

Gauging Solutions

Standard Gauging Systems
  • Air gauging systems ( Single jet / Multi Jet )
  • Contact type high precision inductive probing,
  • Laser sensor based non contact type probing systems
  • Gauging Displays with SPC analysis and machine controllers
Multi / Auto Gauging Systems
  • Multi-gauging systems with computerised data analysis including 3D coordinate metrology.
  • PLC Based fully Automatic / Semi Automatic Gauging machines.
  • Gauging machines with Robotic Automation