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Calibration of plunger dial indicator manufacturer in Pune

Calibration of plunger dial indicator

Calibration of dial test indicator manufacturer in Pune

Calibration of dial test indicator

The manufacturing tolerance in almost all the Industries are becoming stringent due to increased awareness of quality. This also calls for high accuracy components in Precision Assemblies and Subassemblies. The Quality Control Department, therefore is loaded with the periodic calibration of various measuring instruments, since the accuracy of the components depends largely on the accuracy of measuring instruments. In other words the periodic calibration of shop floor Precision Instruments like Plunger type Dial Gauges, Back Plunger type Dial Gauges, Lever type Dial Gauges and Bore Gauges is inevitable and is a regular feature in many companies of repute. The practice of Periodic Calibration is of vital importance for Quality Assurance as well as cost reduction.
The set of Dial Calibration Tester enables us to test for different kinds of Precision Measuring Instruments and all the required accessories are included in the set.

Technical Specification/ Features :

  • Specially designed for calibration of high precision electronic inductive probes as the Resolution of calibration tester is 0.01 µm.
  • Computerised measurement and analysis of Dial indicators
  •  Accessories for holding plunger type dial indicators, lever type dial indicators and bore gauges.
  •  High Precision incremental liner encoder system with direct measuring range of 50 mm & 100 mm
  • Compliance with Abbe’s Principle.
  •  Carbide Tipped measuring face
  •  Holding shaft provides holes of 8 mm & 3/8 inch
  • Holding brackets accommodate bore gauges upto 23 mm ‘tube diameer.
  •  Calibration Certification from 3rd party NABL (ISO/IEC 17025) Accredited Laboratory.

Octa Dial

  • Windows based program for evaluation of measuring errors, a laptop or PC.
  •  Online Data acquisition, Data recording, certificate generation.
  •  Measurement program complying to calibration method recommended by IS / ISO / DIN standards.
  •  Calibration certificate format complying to ISO/IEC 17025.
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