Shaft Metrology System

Metro Form Horizon :

Technical Specification/ Features :

  • Measurement of various diameters and length of the shafts
  •  Available in different range from smaller diameters below 20mm Ø – 300 mm Ø and length below 500mm to 5000 mm.
  •  Manual machines allow quick and easy measurement of a variety of features in an economical package.
  •  Ideal for automotive, aerospace and medical industry applications.
  •  Precision and optimum ease of use in a contact measurement for both diameter and length.
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Metro Form Laser Scan :

Technical Specification/ Features :

  • Fully automated shaft measuring system with laser scan technology. 
  • High measurement speed, precision and optimum ease of use, in non-contact type measurement for diameters, lengths, angles, distances between point lines, groove widths, fillet radii, or chamfers etc. 
  • Computerised measurement and analysis with graphical display
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