Crankshaft Metrology Systems: MetroForm - 1060

MetroForm - 1060 :

Octagon MetroForm is a three axis CNC vertical metrology system specially design for Crank and Camshaft measurements applications.

Technical Specification/ Features :

  • Octagon MetroForm is offered in different measuring ranges like 360mm, 660mm and 1060mm.
  •  The machine is constructed using granite base for high degree of Thermal for structural stability and isolated with anti vibration mount.
  • Metroform system consists of Precision rotary spindle, two precision linear axes and the adjustable tail stock for easy loading of part in vertical position
  • The measurement system can measure Linear, Angular and Form parameters of crank/cam shaft. 
  • The MetroForm system integrated with advance data acquisition electronics and powerful MetroLab Software for measured data analysis.
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