Camshaft Metrology Systems

Octagon Metro-Form Horizon and Octagon Metro-Form Multi Scan are metrology systems designed for rigorous metrological analysis of cylindrical parts specially automobile camshafts by using computerised analysis. Horizon series of Metroform provides facilitates easy loading / unloading of the component. The MetroLab software is designed to measure multiple lobes for its various dimensional parameters including lobe tip angles. Cam lobe data is automatically captured by rotating camshaft manually or with motorised spindle. Measurement can be taken using a round or flat measuring probes. Data is mathematically converted to the correct engine follower type and size. The machine is designed for standard room as well as shop floor.

metroform_horizon manufacturer in Pune

MetroForm - Horizon

crank cam shaft metroform multiscan

MetroForm - Multiscan

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MetroForm - Mini

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