LMM Gold Plus

Features :

  • Very high precision universal length measuring machine provided with highly stable He-Ne Laser interferometer specially designed for large direct measuring range.
  • Real time corrections of Environmental parameters including Air temperature, air pressure & humidity.
  • On line temperature measurements and computer aided corrections of temperature and measuring force influences.
  • Compliance with Abbe’s comparator principle.
  • Available in different measuring ranges 1000, 1500, 2000 & 3000 mm and can be offered with customised accessories for different application ranges.
LMMGold+ manufacturer in Pune
  • Floor mounted heavy Granite horizontal bed for structural stability and minimizing effect of the temperature variations.
  • Anti vibration support for minimizing effect from environment vibrations.
  • Air bearing slides for precision rapid movements of measuring head and tail stock.
  •  Selectable constant measuring force throughout complete operating range.
  •  Precision work table provided with 5 axis adjustments for easy location of inversion point and specially designed for precision measurements of heavy and long components.
  • PC direct reading and user guided powerful windows based Gauge management and measurement software .
  •  Automatic reversal point recognition for static and dynamic measured value acquisition.
  • Large numbers of accessories, specially configured to solve most diverse tasks including threads, tapers, taper threads & gears etc.
  • Also available with specially designed 2d probing system (Optional) allows very high precision length measurement in two directions enables measurement of taper gauges / taper thread gauges.
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