Gauge Block Measuring Machine :
Automatic Gauge Block Comparator

Technical Specification/ Features :

Octagon “Automatic Gauge Block Comparator” specially designed as completely automated system to calibrate Gauge blocks as per ISO 3650 . This is the world’s first fully automated gauge block calibration system completes calibration of entire set of Gauge block without manual intervention.

The PLC based Gauge block comparator has Robotic automation for loading/ unloading of gauge blocks which are completely programmed. The Automated measuring machine can perform measurements of all M122 gauge blocks as per ISO 3650, with-out manual intervention in a cycle time of 8 ½ hrs for 5 point measurement cycle and 3 repeat measurement runs on each gauge block. The measurement uncertainty of this measurement system is < ± 0.05 µm , at K=2 , 95.45% C.L.

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