GBC 150 Silver

Octagon Gauge block comparator GBC 150 Silver is high precision gauge block measuring systems with most advanced feature of longer comparison range of 20mm.

Gauge block comparators has probing system with 1 nanometer resolution with comparison span of 20mm. Due to this feature direct measurement of gauge blocks with variation in nominal length up to 20mm are possible. This new comparison method of measurements of Gauge blocks is developed and validated by PTB Germany and is now widely adopted throughout the world-wide calibration laboratories of National metrology Institutes (NMIs). This comparison method allows the number of reference gauge blocks to be reduced by nearly 80%. This feature of long comparison span provides advantage to use same reference gauge blocks for measurements of Imperial (inch) and Metric sizes.

GBC-150SILVER manufacturer in Pune
  • Rigid cast-iron stand to ensure high thermally stable comparator structure. 
  • Gentle, precise and extremely smooth operation carriage fixture due to slide ways, which are impervious to dirt. 
  • Comparator table support consisting of hardened circular guide pins, provides line contact to ensure smooth movement of gauge blocks on comparator table. 
  • Accurate positioning of gauge blocks with specially designed templates facilitating single point (central length) / five point (central length + parallelism) measurements.
  • Electro-pneumatic lifting of both top and bottom probes minimises thermal errors due to untouched operation.
  • Very effective protection from heat due to an acrylic glass screen works as heat protection shield
  • Correction for measuring force. Correction of differing thermal expansion. (Differential expansion coefficients + differential temperature)
  • Automatic computation of mean value of number of repeat measurement cycles in software based measurement program. No zero setting required, since the set value is automatically related to the nominal value of the respective reference gauge block.
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