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LMM Silver: Universal Length Measuring Machines
A model of universal length measuring machine for higher measurement capability at lower investment.   Constant measuring force throughout complete operating range.
Compliance with Abbe’s comparator principle.   Also available with specially designed μ2d probing system (Optional) allows very high precision length measurement in two directions enables measurement of taper gauges / taper thread gauges.
Granite horizontal bed for structural stability and minimizing effect of the temperature variations.   Large numbers of accessories, specially configurated to solve most diverse tasks including threads, tapers, taper threads & gears.
Highly stable World class electronic incremental encoder system.   A machine can be interfaced with Gauge measurement and management software.
Precision work table provided with 5 axis adjustments for easy location of inversion point.   Optional facility for real time thermal error corrections through software.
 Technical Specifications      Technical Specifications  
 Measuring Range

 100 mm
 Performance data
 X axis resolution
 0.1 / 0.01 μm
 Differential  400 mm  Measurement uncertainty  0.3 + L / 2000 μm
 Application Range
 External Plain
 0-400 mm  Measuring force  0.2N - 4.5N, 11N (optional)
 Internal Plain  3-300 mm  Work Table / Vertical Axis  
 External Taper  up to 350 mm  Work table dimension  160 x 160 mm
 Internal Taper  3-100 mm  Height adjustment  80 mm
 Cylindrical Thread External (d2)
 (Pitch: 0.2 - 6mm)
 1-350 mm  Resolution  1 μm
 Cylindrical Thread Internal (D2)
 (Pitch: 0.5 - 6mm)
 3-300 mm  Float  20 mm
 Taper Thread External (d2)  up to 350 mm  Rotation  ± 1.5°
 Taper Thread Internal (D2)  3 - 100 mm  Tilt  ± 1.5°
 Gear External (MdK)  7 - 300 mm  Load Capacity  15 kg
 Gear Internal (MdK)  20 - 300 mm  Dimensions, weight and
 operational conditions
 Measuring Instruments
 Dial Indicators, Dial test
 indicators, Cylinder bore gauges
 int. micrometer 3 point

 5 - 100 mm
 L x W x H  850 x 250 x 470
 Weight (kg)  120 kg
 External Micrometer, Internal
 micrometer - 2 point
 up to 400  Power supply  230 VAC, 50 Hz
 Display System  DRO / PC based
• In some cases additional standards & optional accessories are required to archive the measuring range.
• Special accuracies, measuring ranges are available upon request.
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