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Measuring Scale & Tape Calibration Systems
MSTC - 1000
Measuring Scale & Tape Calibration System
Calibration unit for Precision measuring scales, rules and measuring tapes.
Features :
Cost effective calibration unit.
Advance digital Imaging technology
High Precision digital incremental measuring system with electronic optical
scale of 0.001 mm resolution as reference.
Stable & Robust measuring structure designed for user friendly operation.
Powerful Software assisted measurement and evaluation system.
Applications :
Measurement steel rule, measuring scale and measuring tapes.
Comparison of digital image with 10X Magnification.
Variable loading system for different applications.
Easy alignment system for Steel rules and tapes.
 Technical Specifications
 Measuring Range - Absolute  1000 mm
 Performance data Resolution  0.001 mm
 Measurement Uncertainty  ±(10+L/100) µm
 L in mm
 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion  11.5 µm/m/°C.
 Drawer load
 Dimensions, weight and operational conditions
 L x W x H
 20N & 50N±10%

 1450 x 300 x 700 mm
 Weight (kg)  50 kg
 Power supply  230 VAC / 115 VAC 50Hz
 Display System  PC based
Octagon Software
Features :
Windows based software for online Data Acquisition
Comparison Selectable measuring steps
Selectable unit mm / inch
Facility for cumulative measurement of long range measuring tapes
Graphical presentation of error charts
Tabulated measurement results with data export facility
  Designed By : Horizon Spread