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LMM Gold++ : Gauge Block Measuring System
Features :
Very high precision length measuring machine with highly stable He-Ne Laser interferometer specially designed for large direct measuring range.
100% Compliance with Abbe’s comparator principle.
Adjustable support for holding long gauge blocks and length bars.
Granite horizontal base for structural stability and minimising effect of the temperature variations.
Air bearing slides to ensure high precision performance and smooth & easy alignment of measuring carriage.
Environmental error corrections for Laser interferometer temperature, air pressure, humidity. Online temperature measurement & computer aided correction facility.
Display System : PC based software display with gauge management features and computer aided measurement including automatic reversal point recognition.
 Technical Specifications
 Measuring Range

 1000mm/ 2000 mm/ 3000mm
 Application Range
 Length bars, Gauge blocks

 1000mm/ 2000 mm/ 3000mm
 Performance data

 0.01 / 0.0025 μm
 Measurement uncertainty  # 0.1 + 0.5 L / 1000 μm
 Measuring force  0.2N
 Dimensions, weight and operational conditions
 L x W x H  2750 x 380 x 700 mm
 Weight (kg)  650 kg
 Power supply  230 V Single phase AC, 50 Hz
 Display System  PC based
 Compressed Air  3 bar
• Special accuracies, measuring ranges are available upon request.
# Measurement Uncertainty subject to temperature control of 20±2 °C with gradient less than 0.5°C/hr and humidity control of 50%±10% RH.
Octa-Block Features :
Selection and determination of measuring sequences.
Management of test piece and standard gage blocks.
Management of individual gage blocks.
Measuring program to perform gage block tests.
Control of all operations and inputs.
Automatically assigning the sequence of nominal dimensions for set tests
Printer program for test records and for the printout of standard gage block sets.
Printout of calibration report in a format complying with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements Storage of measurement records.
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