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Metroform - Horizon : Camshaft Crankshaft Metrology Systems
Calibration unit for Precision measuring scales, rules and measuring tapes.
Precision flat granite bed for high degree of Thermal of structural stability.
 Technical Specifications
 Part length  500 mm
 Swing diameter  125 mm
 Follower stroke  50 mm
 Part weight  40 kg
 Spindle rpm
 5 - 20 rpm
 Radial Resolution  0.1 um
 Angular Resolution  0.1 deg
 Machine Dimensions
 : Height

 350 mm
 Width  375 mm
 Length  1300 mm
 Weight  250 kg
 (Design / Specifications subjects to
  change without notice)
Durable carbide followers (flat and disc) as well as head/tail stok centers.
High resulution glass encoder system for both rotary and radial azis facilitate to have highest precise measurement date.
Automatic computerised data acquisition system for complete 360° rotation of the shaft allows fast cycle time with zero manual errors.
Only one size measuring probe needed, regardless of engine follower size.
Complete lobe measurement, graphical display and analysis of: lift, velocity, acceleration, jerk (3°derivate), radius of curvature, pressure angle.
Lobe data corrected to zero base circle runout.
Angular position istings for all lobe tip angles.
Compare measured data and design lift data profiles in graphic and numeric modes.
Graphic displays for all motions curves.
Printed reports of screen graphics and tabular data.
Compare base circle radius, run-out and lobe tip angles to design data showing tolerance limits.
Inch or metric data input and output.
 • Roundness (LSC, MZC)  • Surface Chatter  • Lift / Lift Error  • Index Angle to Reference(s)
 • Cylindricity  • Taper  • Center Deviation  • Base Circle Radius
 • Diameter  • Eccentricity  • Velocity  • Lobing.
 • Radius  • Runout ( radial)  • Acceleration  • Jurk
 • Radius of Curvature  • Pressure Angle    
 (Design / Specifications subjects to change without notice)
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