Octagon Precision, Manufacturers, designers and developers of Measuring Equipment, ULM, Length measurement machines, providing Retrofitting and Upgradation Services in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.
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Retrofitting & Up-gradation Services


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Retrofitting & Up-gradation Services


Octagon provides the retrofitting & up-gradation services to old metrology equipment of any world brand with latest technology featuring interface with computerized software.

Mainly Octagon is involved in retrofitting & up-gradation of Length Measuring Machines, Form Testers, CAM testers, Gauge Block Calibration Testers of world brands like Zeiss, SIP, Mahr, Federal, TESA etc.

  • The retrofitting up-gradation of Old Optical / Electronic Length Measuring Machines is done using high precision European electronics which enables optional interface of gauge management software (Octagon and/or QMSOFT) for tolerance calculations, data acquisition, report generation. The online thermal error compensation facility is also available request.

This up-gradation enables to reduce operating time, measurement skill and helps to achieve the original manufacturer accuracies.

  • The retrofitting up-gradation of Form tester is done using OctaForm windows based online data acquisition and analysis software with graphical report generation. The up-gradation kit consists the interface hardware, power supply with motion controller and measuring sensor (optional)

In this up-gradation, roundness to roundness–cylindricity option is also available on demand with a precision motorized  Z axis column assembly.

      The graphical analysis report helps to easy interpretation of results.

  • We retrofit optical CAM testers with high precision angle & linear encoders to achieve the original manufacturer accuracies.

In this up-gradation the software interface is available in two options,
      1. Software for Angle Vs lift data
      2. Software for online data acquisition and analysis with latest mathematical algorithms
         which gives you a through analysis report of the part.

  • We retrofit Gauge Block Calibration Testers with latest windows based online data acquisition and analysis software having features for online thermal error compensation.  Software guides operator step by step  thought the measurement cycle. The up-gradation kit consists the interface hardware
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