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Metro Form 1060


Metro Form 1060

       Metro Form 1060 is a high precision measurement system for standard room as well as shop floor measurements of CRANK and/or CAM shafts. This is the best measurement solution available in India to replace any world brand.

       Metro Form can come as combined measuring system for both Crank shafts & Cam Shaft and a single application measuring system for Crank shafts or Cam Shaft. It is a computerized CNC control measuring system with high precision measurements of all necessary parameters.

        The equipment consists of online data acquisition and analysis software with latest mathematical algorithms which gives you a through analysis report of the part. To reduce the measurement cycle time, software enable you to do a part programs for repetitive measurements.
 Mechanical specs:
 System Specs: 
 Part length  1000 mm
 Swing diameter  200 mm
 Follower stroke
 150 mm
 Part Weight  100 Kg
 Spindle rpm
 5 - 20 rpm
 Radial Resolution  0.05 um
 Angular resolution  0.0005 deg (1.8 arc-sec)
 Machine dimensions:
  Height  2000 mm
  Width  700 mm
  Depth  425 mm
  Weight  470 Kg
  (Design/Specifications subject to change without notice)
 Crankshaft parameters:
 * Journal Parameters
 1. Diameter
 6. Eccentricity angle 
 2. Roundness   7. Straightness
 3. Cylindricity  8. Taper
 4. Runout  9. Parallelism
 5. Eccentricity  
 ** Crankpin Parameters Evaluated
 1. Diameter
 6. Index
 2. Roundness   7. Straightness
 3. Cylindricity  8. Taper
 4. Runout  9. Parallelism
 5. Stroke  
 Camshaft parameters :
 Cam Lobe Parameters Evaluated
 1. Angle Error  5. Center deviation
 2. Base circle runout   6. Straightness
 3. Velocity error  7. Parallelism
 4. Lift error (nose & ramp)  8. Taper
 Journal Parameters Evaluated
 1. Diameter
 6. Runout  
 2. Roundness   7. Straightness
 3. Cylindricity  8. Parallelism
 4. Eccentricity  9. Taper
 5. Eccentricity angle  
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