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Metro Form: Crankshaft and Camshaft metrology systems


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Crankshaft/Camshaft Metrology System


Octagon Provides a high precision range of Metro Form measurement system for standard room as well as shop floor measurements of Crankshafts and/or Camshafts. This is the solution for analysis of Crank shaft / cam shaft metrology system available in India at most affordable price.

Metro Form can come as combined measuring system for both Crankshafts & CamShaft and a single application measuring system for Crankshafts or CamShaft. It is a computerized CNC control measuring system with high precision measurements of all necessary parameters.

The equipment consists of online data acquisition and analysis software with latest mathematical algorithms which gives you a through analysis report of the part. To reduce the measurement cycle time, software enable you to do a part programs for repetitive measurements.

      MetroForm comes in 3 different range models :-
            1. MetroForm 360
            2. MetroForm 660
MetroForm 1060

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