Octagon Precision, Manufacturers, designers and developers of Measuring Equipment, ULM, Length measurement machines, providing Retrofitting and Upgradation Services in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.
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Octagon Precision, Manufacturers, designers and developers of Measuring Equipment, Metrology Solutions, ULM, Length measurement machines


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Company Profile

  “A Company which Provides Metrology Solutions” since 2005  

      Octagon is a group of engineering professionals with vast experience in the field of metrology, dedicated for innovation of ideas with latest technology at an affordable investment.

       Octagon has developed different metrology equipment & solutions for the metrology lab / standard room as well as shop floor measurements.




Length Measuring Machines
      Octagon Length Measuring Machines comes with different models to cater to the requirements of metrology laboratory / standard room measurements for small scale as well as large scale organizations.

Metro Form
      Metro Form is a high precision measurement system for standard room as well as shop floor measurements of CRANK and/or CAM shafts. This is the solution for analysis of Crank shaft / cam shaft metrology system available in India at most affordable price.

Optical Reference Masters
      Octagon’s Optical reference standards are high precision reference standards used of linear & angular calibrations of optical measuring machines like profile projectors, microscope and video measuring systems.

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Retrofitting & Up-gradation Services


      We retrofit optical CAM testers with high precision angle & linear encoders to achieve the original manufacturer accuracies.

      Octagon provides the retrofitting & up-gradation services to old metrology equipment of any world brand with latest technology featuring interface with computerized software.

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Branded Pre-owned Machines

      Octagon also provides different pre-owned metrology equipment of world’s best brands in very affordable prices. These metrology equipments are technologically up-graded by Octagon of which Octagon provides assured quality performance.
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Training & Consultancy

      Octagon provides training & consultancy services to the engineering industries in the area of quality improvements especially related to metrology.
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