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LMM-100T Length Measurement Machine for small scale industries using Single arm measurements and precision thread measuring with taper measurement facility.


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Universal Length Measuring Machine - LMM 300 T

       LMM 300 T is a Universal Length Measuring Machine, designed to cater the internal and external measurement requirement of small scale as well as large scale industries in very affordable price along with additional Taper measurement facility.  The single machine covers the complete scope of calibration lab / standard room.
  Features :
 Technical Specifications:
 Measurement Uncertainty  0.5 + L/1000 µm
   ( L in mm )
 Resolution  0.0001mm
 Measuring Capacity external
 Measuring Capacity internal  300mm
 Direct Measuring range  100mm
 Vertical Axis :
 Measuring range  75mm
 Resolution  0.001/ 0.0001mm
 Digital read out system  
  • Single measuring machine completes the entire lab's calibration scope
  • Compliance with Abbe’s comparator principle.
  • Constant measuring force over entire measuring range.
  • Highly stable World class electronics system.
  • High precision thread measuring Ruby Styli.
  • High accuracy comparable with any World brand Universal Length Measuring Machine.
  • Precision work table guided with counter balancing and fine adjustment.
  • Most affordable price.
  • Fast and easy to use
   Internal Measurements - Single Arm Measurement
   Thread Ring gauges upto Φ 100mm
   Plain Ring gauges upto Φ 100mm
   Taper Thread Ring gauges upto Φ 100mm & height upto 75 mm
   Taper Plain Ring gauges upto Φ 100mm & height upto 75 mm
   Internal Measurements - Dual Arm Measurement
   Thread Ring gauges above Φ 40mm upto Φ 300mm
   Plain Ring gauges above Φ 40mm upto Φ 300mm
   Snap Gauge upto 300 mm
   External Measurements
   Thread Plug gauges upto Φ 300 mm by a pair of flat anvils
   Plain Plug gauges upto Φ 300 mm by a pair of ball anvils
   Taper Thread Plug Gauges upto 300 mm
   Taper Plug Gauges upto 300 mm
   Gauge block, length bar upto 400 mm by a pair of Ball anvils, clamping fixture and universal table.
   Electronic Probes, Dial Indicators, Dial Test Indicators, Bore Gauges by using clamping fixture.
   Internal Micrometer (2 point / Tubuler) upto 300 mm
   External Micrometer upto 300 mm
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