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LMM-100T Length Measurement Machine for small scale industries using Single arm measurements and precision thread measuring with taper measurement facility.


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Length Measuring Machine - LMM 100 T


       LMM 100 T is a SPM, designed to cater the internal measurement requirement of small scale industries in very affordable price particularly for gauge manufactures, calibration laboratories along with Taper measurement facility.

Features :

  • Single arm measurements designed for smallest internal diameter measurement.
  • Compliances with Abbe’s comparator principle.
  • Constant measuring force over entire measuring range.
  • Highly stable World class electronics system.
  • High precision thread measuring Ruby Styli.
  • High accuracy comparable with any World brand Universal Length Measuring Machine.
  • Precision work table guided in Z direction with self weight balancing and fine adjustment.
  • Most affordable price.
  • Fast and easy to use.
 Technical Specifications:
 Measurement Uncertainty  0.5 + L/1000 µm*
   ( L in mm )
 Resolution  0.0001mm
 Measuring range  100mm
 Vertical Axis :
 Measuring range  75mm
 Resolution  0.001/ 0.0001mm
 PC based digital display system
 OR digital read out system
*Special Accuracy models are available on request
   Thread Ring gauges upto Φ 100mm
   Plain Ring gauges upto Φ 100mm
   Taper Thread Ring gauges upto Φ 100mm &
   height upto 60mm
   Taper Plain Ring gauges upto Φ 100mm &
   height upto 75mm
   Taper plug guage upto 100mm
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